Personality and Communication Issues and How they Impact on Others

Datum: 30. August 2019

Uhrzeit: 10:30 - 12:30

Referent: Kathleen Long


Dr. Kathleen Long, Ärztin

Ever had a patient who just does not seem to understand what you are saying to them? Is there a member of your team that you just don’t seem to get along with and you’re just not sure why? Do you find it difficult to make yourself clear sometimes to your own partner or children despite being a good communicator? Has someone you have in your team suddenly become unreasonable and difficult and you’re not sure why? If you answer yes then maybe you should come to this workshop!  The workshop looks at personality clashes and abreactions and how you communicate with others and the impact that might have on them.

Workshop in englischer Sprache ohne Übersetzung.