Hypnoanaesthesia in Surgeries and the Basics of AUCH© Method

Datum: 30. August 2019

Uhrzeit: 14:00 - 17:30

Referent: Ali Özden Öztürk


Dr. Ali Özden Öztürk, Arzt

Hypnosis and hypnoanaesthesia can be applied effectively during pre-, post- and intra-operative periods in order to prepare the patient mentally and physically, to create painlessness and to regulate the well-being of the patient. In this workshop, the main principles of AUCH© (Awareness Under Conscious Hypnosis) Method will be explained, various surgeries done under AUCH© Method with hypnoanaesthesia as the sole anesthetic will be presented, and the prospective opportunities of the use of hypnosis in Medicine will be discussed.

Since 1952, hypnoanaesthesia has been used with AUCH© Method as the sole anesthetic for pain relief during intra- and post- operative periods in many different cases in Turkiye. The patients were completely conscious and awake, and they reported their pain level as zero during and after the surgery. Furthermore, there was no sign of amnesia, discomfort, emotional distress or anxiety with the patients during and after the hospitalization. 

Hypnosis has given good results on various surgery relevant outcomes such as 1) emotional distress, 2) pain, 3) pain medication consumption, 4) physiological parameters, 5) recovery, and 6) treatment time (length of procedure and inpatient stay).

AUCH© is a state of consciousness created by specific induction techniques and suggestions; and it aims to make changes in attention, perception, memory, emotions and senses of the patient. “Eye-to-eye fixation and giving suggestions” is the main induction technique in AUCH© Method. With the suggestions given during hypnosis, psychological, physical and social well-being and health of the patient is aimed.

AUCH© has three main principles which are “Awareness, Differentiation and Feeling”. These principles are associated with the three main steps of AUCH©: “MAYA (Making Acceptance with Your Awareness), Induction and Auto-Hypnosis”.

1) MAYA© (Making Acceptance with Your Awareness) is a vital step for establishing a proper rapport and a healthy communication between patient and therapist since the roots of the hypnotic/therapeutic interaction is seeded (attachment). In this step, the patient’s and doctor’s acceptance and willingness to apply the method is required to begin the therapy.

2) Induction improves the interaction between the therapist and the patient while suggestions are given by the therapist. The suggestions help the patient to make the necessary and required changes in perception, attention and memory to achieve the aimed treatment results. They are also intended to develop or differentiate patient’s self-help-capacities (differentiation).

3) Autohypnosis provides the patient the ability to use hypnosis with an autohypnotic key given by the hypnotist. In this step, the interaction between therapist and the patient is decreased to a certain degree so that the patient gets ready to use inner potentials by herself/himself (detachment).

Key Words: AUCH©, Medical Hypnosis, Hypnoanesthesia, Surgery

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