The Embedded Ego-strengthening Messages of a Metaphor

Datum: 30. August 2019

Uhrzeit: 10:30 - 12:30

Referent: Consuelo Casula


Casula, Consuelo, Psychologin und Psychotherapeutin

A metaphor is a descriptive story told in an evocative language enriched with multiple positive suggestions. The story describes realistic experiences encountered by its protagonist combined with magical thinking, natural wisdom and creative solutions to problems. A metaphor could contain multiple embedded suggestions about the main problems the listener is dealing with, such as “you have all the resources you need”, “you can/you deserve/you belong/ you are capable of”, “you no longer need to be scared “,” you found your safe place”, “you are stronger than you think “.

Workshop in englischer Sprache mit Übersetzung.