What You Always Wanted to Know About Age Regression Therapy

Datum: 30. August 2019

Uhrzeit: 14:00 - 17:30

Referent: Michael Schekter


 Dr. Michael Schekter, unabhängiger klinischer Psychiater und Psychotherapeut

When patients come for treatment for mental or psychosomatic illnesses, they want to change their blocked or repetitive unfruitful ways and replace them with positive resourceful and successful abilities leading to autonomy and accomplishment. What do they need to change?  How can they accomplish these changes?

How can these changes become an integral part of them? A practiced therapist using a codified age regression hypnotic technique can help the patient discover the origins of his difficulties and bring about the needed positive changes through a new successful experience. In this workshop the participants will follow a step by step this synergic technique through a video recorded therapy of a patient suffering from phobia. The participants will discover how to target symptoms, how to use the affect bridge to return to the origins of the patient’s difficulty, how to accompany the patient in his creation of new experiences ending in establishment of new resourceful ways. Having accomplished this the resources can then be brought back to be integrated within the patient today, thus completing the processes of healing. During the session their will be a demonstration of targeting and the use of techniques of stabilization with their protocols in English which help to insure the therapists capacity to provide security to the patient during this technique as well as in any other therapeutic situation where emotional reactions can occur.

This technique can be used to treat: Anxiety provoking situations, Phobias, TOC, Hysteric converions, Somatoform pain, Psychosomatic illness, Nightmares, Fears of abandonment, Pathological morning among others.

Workshop in englischer Sprache mit Übersetzung.

Teilnahmevoraussetzung: Umfangreiche Erfahrung im Bereich Hypnose.